” If only I had friends like my mom…never thought I’d say that! “
February 4, 2013, 5:52 am
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fam I don’t think anyone can grasp the great value of supportive and loving parents, that are in love.  I so appreciate my relationship with my mom and dad. Reflecting on their support I’ve realized all the more how solid a foundation of love and truth they’ve set for me from birth.

My mom is incapable of discourage my dreams. She jumps on board and expands the world of possibilities whenever I get a grand Idea. When I get discouraged or anxious she fuels those dreams all the more and reminds me to take risks and live big, even when, looking back, the decision may have been silly. Either way, she stands by me. One night, when Owen lived with our family, Owen and I got this absurd idea to buy an RV we found on craigslist and  drive it to Alaska. Rather than shooting down the foolish idea, she conspired with me, helping plan the trip. I bought the RV that night.  This wasn’t just any RV. It was a 1982 Toyota Mini Cruiser(tiny rust bucket). We dubbed it “The Joyota” and several weeks later Owen decided to get married instead of doing the trip. I was stuck with the “Joyota” and my mom felt awful but reminded me that it would all work out. After my car broke down and my main vehicle was an RV for a month I sold it and got my money back. I don’t know if she feels good about supporting my foolish adventures but, she should know, that is the best support you can give this guy. Her example of faith and intrigue at good teaching has been an example that will stay with me forever. If only I had friends like my mom…never thought I’d say that!

My dad is a rock.  He is so head over heals in love with the truth and the God of truth. One unfailing constant in my life is that I can count on my dad being up at the most ridiculous hour of the morning spending hours reading, praying and “meditating” on the truth.  When asked for advice he has two token pieces of advice: Pray more, and “you should get a sports drink, it’ll make you feel better” He then continues on to explain exactly where they can be found at the grocery.  My dad is a man of God and an amazing athlete. He plans to be an author and I cant wait to read his books, although I’m sure most of it will be commentary on the Book of Revelation and therefore way over my head.

My parents are defined by their relationship with God.  Their support is a stiff dose of the truth mixed with two of the greatest personalities ever matched by God. Their story of falling in love is even pretty sweet, but you can ask them about that. I think I would define our family by saying this: we Wittmer’s are free. We have been set free, really. That freedom has allowed my parents to convey to me the principle that this life is precious, nothing to suppress.   My greatest prayer for my parents is that I, along with my siblings, could inspire and lift them up to the degree that they have our whole lives. I hope that their love and dedication to the truth would be reflected in me and I could inspire others like they have inspired me. Thank you, Mom and Dad!