Dream big, Ill back you up.
November 24, 2012, 5:10 am
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It seems that the general story of humanity is that people aren’t quite what they dream for themselves.  So many of us have trapped ourselves in these super safe, sterile settings while pushing our ambitions further into the abyss, confining them to our heads.  I’m learning it is no good to live in your head.  It is good to have dreams and envision self success, for sure.  It is good to use your mind to create and progress and motivate but all too often I observe people abandoning the present moment to escape to the dream long trapped in their mind. As soon as you leave the present moment for a fantasy, you are neglecting reality. I’m not talking about dreaming and planning. I’m talking about fantasy…pretend. What happens when we keep our dreams in our head? They become fantasies.  It is very similar to embracing the woman you are with (a mistress) while longing for the woman you truly love, it’s just wrong.  Living a life inferior to the one you long for leads to anxiety. It causes discontentment. It leads to materialism and a constant need for inadequate fixes.  There is no break, it is unending.

A while ago I was having a late night conversation with my mom, an incredible friend of mine.  She told me there are two kinds of people; there are those who lose when you win and those that win when you win.  I think she read this in a book or got it from some other source but those words hit me like a bag of bricks.  I have played both parts. I had been that guy, the guy that needs to suppress your accomplishment in order to put you below myself.  I had played that game and my mom had finally painted a vivid portrayal of what I had done.  Then after stewing over the idea a while I got to the second part. There are people who win when I win. What a concept. This gem of a concept must have been lost in the laundry or not made it off the boat at the port of American society.  I had been so schooled to find people’s dreams and accomplishments petty that I’d lost sight of inspiration.  I would have to say that all this depends on who you surround yourself with but it is our choice whether to or not to invest sincere appreciation in peoples aspirations. I have the power to make or break my friend’s dreams. I want to see to it that the people I love abound and live big.  I want to inspire.

There is so much competition in our silly society. People scarcely celebrate each others success anymore.  It is as if ones success sparks another’s need to “one-up” their accomplishment. That’s not how it is supposed to be! A friend wins when you win; therefore a friend is the support system of an abundant life.   It is a friend’s duty to see a companions dreams as it is and to embolden within them the confidence to accomplish what it is they long for. I want to see to it that my friends never leave a single dream in their head.

Our little world desperately needs a dose of inspiration.  Investing your loving encouragement in your group of friends could have exponential effects on your community and the world.  Let see to it that we become a catalyst in bringing each others dreams to reality.


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