Product of your environment
June 26, 2012, 2:31 am
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Generally I’ve always understood the idea of bring a product of one’s surrounding environment to be a statement on how children reflect how they were raised.  After observing the actions of some kids at work recently, the term came to mind.  These kids set the bar for awful behavior. They weren’t wild kids, they were hideous. The more I watched and listened to these kids my anger towards them shifted to pity. I felt bad that they clearly hadn’t been raised with much care.

After that night I couldn’t stop thinking about how much our environments mold who we are.  I began to see the concept of being a product of your environment as much more than how one is raised.  I began to see it as all encompassing.

As I began to realize more clearly how my environment affects my demeanor, my attitude and actions it made me want to make a change. I was and am realizing the powerful impact my friends, c0workers and even mere acquaintances have on who I am.

The truth is that we all, much too easily, can become an unintentional product of the environment that we surround ourselves with.  As I thought about it, I realized that I don’t really love my current environment.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love where I live and the people around me but I don’t want to have anything to do with the general social environment I find at work/school and even outside of that.

What do you do when you realize that your current environment is something you never want to reflect? I think that there are a couple options. The first and maybe most obvious option is to run. Running is easy enough and it is immediately gratifying.  One day you are surrounded by a bunch of stale parasitic bums and the next they are merely a thing of the past. I do think there is a time and place for running but I also think that people are way too quick to claim it as the only or best option.

The other option is much more involved. It entails much more creative thinking and intentional living.  The other option is to live in such a way, within your environment, as to shine bright in a dark place. It is the act of exposing the crust by living with abundance. The act of “being the change you want to see in the world” doesn’t leave valuable people to wallow in their crustiness so you can escape it but rather it gently exposes it so everyone can improve and gain life.  It is the opposite of running; it is hunkering down, remaining unstained by the filth and living such a beautiful story that it inspires others to live more beautifully.

It is likely that I won’t spend much more than another year around my home.  That reality is beginning to ring true as I make plans and look beyond my current situation.  Honestly, I’ve looked at is an escape many times. I would finally be able to leave all these people and their issues here while I go move on (just to find more crazy people, I’m sure). I will finally be free from their issues..But I don’t want to leave like that anymore.  What use is living in a community if you just move on as soon as you get sick of it?  There is no use.  I would rather fall in love with my community of real people with real issues and leave each of those crazy people greater than when I met them.  It’s downright selfish to run from people’s issues and it just causes more. What if I decide to tackle the issues within my small community, to love people? What a concept, right? I suppose this isn’t a new Idea, just one we have all too often lost touch with.

I’ve always hated leaving a project before it was finished and that is what leaving a community feels like. There is always a wealth of opportunities to lift someone up, to inspire and enjoy the company of another.  I suppose, ideally, relationships are never finished. You can never sit down day and night until this relationship is complete because as long as we have relationships there will be progression and regression.



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