The habit of living.
May 22, 2012, 8:13 pm
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I’ve come to the conclusion that life is infinitely more incredible than most people give it credit.  Life has the potential to be entirely captivating.  Call that statement subjective but I am discovering the depth of its reality each day. I think it all starts with an attempt to understand what full engagement even means. It’s not a simple idea.  I believe that the life of our minds, souls and even our physical existence was intended to be held captive by the world they exist within. Of course, as a result of selfish pride, and laziness (sin) we are limited in our perception of the beauty within and without. But maybe it is still up to us what level of engagement we embrace this life with. Clearly, since God plopped us down on this earth, the intention wasn’t to squander each day in utter boredom from a safe distance. We weren’t meant to observe critically from the sidelines but rather we have been thrown into the game to get creative, have fun and make stuff happen.

Our engagement is, of course, ever swayed by circumstances. Perhaps the art of remaining fully engaged and in awe at this life is reflective of truly living. I think abundant living is a choice or perhaps the result of a long chain of choices.  Having the ability to be fully engaged in this very moment in spite of the circumstances orbiting outside of ones control is a treasure of a discipline.  If we each began to see every moment as an opportunity, not just to exist, but to abound, create,  participate in life and actively worship the God who lives, it would show. As a result of our relational hard wiring, action is exponential. When we make the momentary decision to get on board with the grand adventure, people are changed simply by witnessing it. Have you ever been around someone who is living their dreams with reckless abandon? Even if their dream inst appealing at all to you, it inspires you to live big and accomplish something that is precious to you. Living big gives life to more big living.

Because we are surrounded by a culture that is entirely broken, the idea of full engagement generally is hard to grasp. Our culture is at the mercy of the fast and easy. Commitment and dedication are endangered….a lost discipline.  Instant gratification has ushered in a sickening breed of passive existence that has to be aggressively avoided.  The abundant life is the fruit of a way of life, a chain of decision not to simply exist today but rather to free a greater life from our minds, giving creativity hands and love feet. Abundant living denies lame and harmful habits; it has no use for them.

It is a shame that anyone would allow life to just happen to them.  Being aware of the life that beacons is the beginning of freedom from passive existence. Like I said before each moment is an opportunity, what you do with it, what you are capable of doing with the moment is up to you.  There is no limit to what can be accomplished by a fully willing and engaged spirit. I’m not claiming that no one is living with abundance; I am inspired by some free spirit every day.  With that said, abundant life is a dying art.

Let this be a challenge to you.  I want you to step off the side lines. I want you to give up the crap for the depth of truth. I want to get reckless with you. Will you j0in me?


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