May 22, 2012, 7:17 pm
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I went camping with an old friend last night.  Reflection on the beauty and simplicity of the scenery/escape from the rat race was the theme of the night, I’d say.  After he got off work we got some supplies and took the canoe down to the lake.  The fishing boat was in need of repair so we left it behind for a simpler means of transport.  Once we had crossed the lake and entered the channel to our site, the waters calmed.  The sounds of nature accented the view of the fresh, lush, spring landscape with perfection.  Surrounded by spring we arrived at camp. The previous campers had left plenty dry wood for great night away from the noise of life.

With the fire raging we prepared a simple dinner and reminisced past adventures and dreamed of those to come.  We escaped from all the noise of life for the night, got away from people and just enjoyed quiet company, laughs, and the overwhelming serenity of the Adirondacks.

After dinner we took the inaugural spring swim. It was cold. The water, laced with the chill of the past winter season, was fresh and clean.  The quick rush of frigid lake water washed away the grime of the day.  After some hoots and hollers we ran back up to the fire to dry off. Gentle rain eventually ushered us to stoke the fire and settle into the lean-to for the evening.  After some time of chatting the conversation dissipated and the rain grew stronger.  We found our spots to sleep and settled in for the night

After getting the fire blazing, this morning, we began to slowly clean up.  A few other campers paddled by in the rain, exchanging a few words and passing by.  We decided to wait out the rain for a bit to see if it eased and it did. Once it slowed to a sprinkle we put out our fire and packed up for the paddle back.

The rain eventually stopped completely and the water turned to glass, reflecting the trees and shoreline landscape.  Far from all the toys and responsibility and outside of any restriction of time we were free to be in awe of the natural landscape.

It is a treat to slow down now and again and simply be free from all the stuff that consumes time and the things that stir up noise, blanketing serenity and silence from everyday life. I want to fit as much life in my time as possible. It requires an escape every now and then.


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