May 10, 2012, 4:45 am
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Contrasts seem to me to be the signature of Gods handiwork on the earth. Take the seasons for example or light and dark, hot and cold, fast and slow.  Contrast plays out like a story, there has to be a little simplicity so that we can establish the plot and get to know our way around the setting but as soon as we get “used to” things they get a little crazy, just to keep us captivated. It is as if when God created the world He intended to broadcast a message that each day should be examined, taken apart then put back together because time changes things and you’ll want to keep pace.

We live within the confines of time, unlike God. Therefore contrast is projected to our understanding accordingly. As time progresses we begin to become part of the setting we are encompassed by. We tend to slowly allow ourselves to blend into the background. Take the seasons for example. I am totally a winter guy, I love the pace, I love how raw and primitive it is. Things feel so much more basic in the winter. During the winter season I listen to slow folky music like Jeffery Foucault, Gregory Alan Isakov or Alexi Murdoch. My frame of mind meshes with the season until it I get used to it. Everything slows down (except the skiing) and I posses the season within myself. But just when it seems winter is here to stay the sun comes out and the snow begins to melt. Slowly but surely the mountains shift from a dead gray and white to a living and lush green canopy.  It’s like clockwork. After everyone gets their fill of grumbling, the clouds part and the sun shows it’s self. I hang the hammock, listen to something with a little more get-up-and-go and burn to a crisp at the fury of the spring sunshine. It gets me every time.

I don’t think that was a mistake, I think that it was intentional. A Lesson.

Light and dark pan out very similarly .Light exposes one thing then the dark blankets it all, simply to allow us to ponder its meaning. I love mid day when shadows don’t exist because light floods everything. In the light everything is exposed, from the minutest speck of dirt to the vast expanse of the mountains. Light invites distraction and exploration.  It is the absence of light, darkness that expresses how magnificent light really is.  When the sun goes behind the hills, blanketing the contours of the land in darkness, it draws a person within.  I also love night, specifically driving at night. I do my best thinking driving in the dark.  At the steering wheel there is absolutely nothing you can do but think and look. You can listen to the radio, if you so choose. There is no sensation quite like driving long straight roads blanketed in black, just me and road noise, no radio, no passenger, nothing. The night takes away all the distraction, momentary sensory fixes,  and pulls the experience of life into your head. It’s reflective. If there was never an absence of light I would never get anything done because there is always something to do when the sun is out but in the solitude of night there’s only room for thought.

I know I’ve said it before but I think that the contrast displayed in the seasons and the days and even in people is a constant reminder that this isn’t supposed to get old. It’s God lighting the fire under our seat so that we don’t blend into the background but instead live and create. It’s the still small voice reminding each of us to live vibrant lives and tell a greater story to those around us and the generations to come.


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