Risky Business
April 22, 2012, 5:26 pm
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Risk is” the potential that a chosen action or activity (including the choice of inaction) will lead to a loss (an undesirable outcome). The notion implies that a choice having an influence on the outcome exists (or existed). Almost any human endeavor carries some risk, but some are much more risky than others.” (wikipedia)

I feel confident in saying we human folk were intended to take risks, real risks. I think we were wired for it. Perhaps when we keep risk in our head we are holding back something more valuable than we realize. Those unlived actions and words could be the missing ingredient in “the norm”, a subpar existence. What if you told her she’s beautiful without the worry of her thoughts? What if you told them you need them? What if you muted the critics and changed someone’s world, be it a stranger’s world or even your own. I’m sure if we trashed the existence of what ifs and programmed ourselves to simply do, the world would instantaneously be turned upside down. If history intended to teach us anything it is that one person can impact the masses. Maybe you and I should take social responsibility to a different level. Maybe we should observe and explore and do something about what we find.

I spent a year at Bible school, just out of high school. A year away from ‘the real world’ submersed in Truth, and fellowship, and service. During the winter term all students were required to work “Snow Camp”. In all honesty, it was brutal. One of the stations at snow camp was ‘The Ice Chute”, a frozen water slide.  Sounds pretty awesome, right? I wasn’t so thrilled. One rainy grey night, hoping that my duties would be dismissed, I got assigned to the ice chute. Murmuring, I dragged my bad attitude out into the rain and down to the slide. After the whole low-down the supervisor said something along the lines of “If everyone in the church acted as you do each moment, what would the world be like”. Those words hit me like a train. A big heavy train. That moment has stuck with me more vividly than any instruction that year. If everyone lived like me, would this place be any better? Would it be worse? I think it shook me because there isn’t a situation that it doesn’t challenge. This idea challenges my actions, my thoughts, what I prescribe worth to, it challenges everything I do.

That challenge became like a cross roads for me. It wasn’t a mile post where I decided to or not to change my thinking. It is a challenge that I took with me. What I do with that idea each moment is the challenge. I have found myself veering from the challenge. I numb myself by staying too busy or justify myself with lame, yet culturally acceptable excuses. I find a fix. A “fix” is a temporary satisfaction, or momentary escape from an addiction. We have these grand capers all potted out in our head. We spend hours reeling inside, dreaming of another life. Then we flood our minds with an empty fix to blind ourselves from fact that we aren’t putting our dreams to action. It’s like spinning your tires but never going anywhere.  Life gets replaced with a fix for today, and maybe tomorrow. I wonder how many of us hate our jobs or even hate the life we live but instead of doing something about it…we step outside for a smoke, turn on the tube or we crank the music up louder than our dreams. I don’t want a fix. I want an all out addiction to life. The moments that I embrace the challenge and truly live are the moments that I never regret. I remember those moments. The times I find a fix to avoid putting effort into life go unnoticed, they’re unmemorable. Useless.

I’m disappointed with culture. I guess that the group was never really a good thing but I, personally, want so much more for the world around me. I suppose change starts with me. I don’t like that people, valuable minds, are safely squandered living vicariously through James Bond, Mr. Miyagi and Lady Gaga. We have built these beautiful bubbles around ourselves so that we will forever be safe. We don’t say what we think. We never question what others say and how dare you criticize me for talking big and but never doing anything worth a dime. I would like to save dreaming for my pillow and become a manifestation of abundant life. Jesus took big risks. Jesus lived (He still does).


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