April 19, 2012, 2:13 am
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Sunsets are one of my favorite things. They are entirely underrated. Tonight I went out to a cliff band, on a small mountain, just outside of town. I watched the sun set.  It was a clear day and, overwhelmed by my schoolwork, I needed to get outside.  After having dinner with my family I took the opportunity to escape for a little while and clear my mind. I loaded up my dog and raced to the trailhead.  After running up the short trail to the lookout we found a flat spot and got comfortable in preparation for the unfolding of the grand performance.

A sunset pans out much like a ballet routine or a complex symphonic piece.  It is the place where art and nature collide… and explode.  I’ve arrived just as the sun is making its final descent behind another peak across the valley.

I am a bit late for the performance but I havent missed the good part.  The sun makes its final drop.  Seemingly impatient for the final stretch of its arch, it appears to speed up but the show has just begun. The mountains on the eastern wall of the valley become the canvas for a low orange light, transitioning to red than purple as the sun sinks west and out of sight.  Before long the canvas is blank, a black silhouette humbly allowing the sky to brag boldly with its fire. A single airplane paints its signature on the unstained canvas alongside clouds stretched thin, pleased by the warmth of the setting sun.   The horizon line swoops down perfectly, meeting a lake to the west before climbing to the summit of a distant peak and crawling back down low to the lights of town, only impeded by a single white pine silhouetted pure black. From the horizon light shines bright red leading to orange higher up, yellow, than almost white it turns to the lightest blue. The sky gets darker untill looking away from the sunset it is navy…almost black.  The stars slowly pierce the blue blanket overhead. The silence gives way only to a distant bark, the faint whisper of tires furiously pulling a car across pavement outside of town and the wimper of my dog, Makita, wondering why I would sit and stare off into it all for hours.

Like I said Sunsets are underrated, what awful thing keeps us all from putting the rat race on the shelf each night and escaping everything to see The Creator paint majesty across His canvas. That moment almost unfailingly draws my thinking to the creator.  It’s a place where I talk to God. Engulfed in defining beauty my words are generally few.  “Wow, God. What do I say”.  I sit there for hours sometimes, untill I become part of it all.  It gets to the point when surrounded by all-encompassing beauty, it starts to penetrate the soul. You can eventually feel the beauty of it all welling up inside.

As the orchestra plays its final verse, the show comes to a close.  The end of a sunset is the intro of the equally majestic night sky full of stars. What a way to end the show…the canvas littered with diamond light uncountable in its infinite spread. What is man that You are mindful of him? I’m overwhelmed.


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