A Life of living (excerpt from my personal journal 11/17/10)
April 5, 2012, 4:50 am
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Living in a disposable society has caused me to sink into a passive existence. I am simply allowing life to happen to me.  I’m surrounded by waste and sadly my nature is to do as I see. My nature needs to be aggressively corrected, changed.Image I’ve squandered valuable time but today I intend to find in myself a milepost declaring a change in direction. This day I intend to fight the ruts of the norm and veer off the beaten path.  I don’t want to write a new chapter in the same book but rather to make today the preface of a greater story. The preface to a story of pursuits, a life of living! I will stir things up and befriend risk, never to let it out of sight. I will cling to the truth and to a desire to inspire those around me. I will throw caution to the wind along with preconceived notions,  societal norms, prejudice, laziness and passive existence. I will live with a desire to improve and lift up, a tendency to question and invent. I will inspire others. No longer will I distract myself with vicarious entertainment but I will live a life that is needless of distraction.


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